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Learn more about ORSERS' Consulting Services.

ORSERS was founded in the year 2016, out of a necessity to provide top quality Oracle solutions and implementation support to businesses scaling up. An Oracle GOLD Partner and Oracle Approved Education Centre, ORSERS today has established itself as an IT System Integrator and Training Delivery Provider for tech and middleware solutions across the spectrum of Oracle’s offerings. With a multi-country presence in the MENA region, Orsers drives modern application realization for global businesses and helps harmonize operations for thousands of users spread across geographies.

At ORSERS, we always promise the minimum and deliver the maximum.

To drive the transition towards automation and intelligent business performance.
Build, deploy and deliver agile, efficient, and powerful Oracle solutions that support businesses by delivering swift Return on Investment.
Management Policy
To take up the challenge of innovation and unique problem solving and respond to the customers’ business needs as a solution focused services company. We aim to expand to a global customer base and rapidly deploy solutions that help businesses in

  • Transforming and automate their business and operations

  • Boost productivity and cut costs

  • Gain a strategic advantage over competition

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Service Philosophy

  • Knowledge: Keep building on cutting edge technology centered around Oracle and harness the power of

  • Oracle software to build and deploy state-of-the-art solutions at a mega scale for corporations of any size.

  • Trust: Build trust, dependence and confidence with customers by knowing their business, people and their clients. Provide ongoing Oracle support as well as swift responses to questions to customers 24 x 7 x 365.

  • Brand Value: Uphold the brand value that Orsers has created and take steps to build a business that is respected worldwide, by both customers and our partners.

  • Relationships: Develop a close partnership with Oracle and stay updated on developments with respect to the company and architecture changes that can affect our customers. Build strong relations with our clients and our clients’ clients.


​As an Oracle Partner, we focus exclusively on the development and delivery of Oracle Cloud and on-premises solutions and offer a broad range of Oracle services.

ORSERS Consulting Services is an Oracle Gold Partner, with an approved Expertise in Oracle Cloud Platform. We are the only Oracle Education Approved center for Oracle University in the West African Region, with agreement to deliver Oracle Formal trainings in West Africa, North Africa and United Arab Emirates.


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