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ORSERS Consulting
About Us

ORESERS Consulting

Since 2016 ORSERS Consulting Services has helped clients from all over the world experience a significant increase in operational efficiency through innovative tech resources. As an Oracle Gold Partner and Approved Education Center, our team has the knowledge, skill, insight, and experience to improve your system without cloud-based applications or on-site integrations.

We hold a solid consulting presence in the MENA region, driving digital transformation and modernization for businesses locally or abroad. This direct experience through a multi-country presentation allows our team a unique perspective on the scope of what is working in today’s world. Providing you with high-value insights compared to vendor-specific solutions that often miss the mark of actual systematic efficiency.

Every one of our consultants begins by understanding the ebb and flow of your operations. This way, we can target those specific areas of improvement using modern solutions like Oracle applications. We are also well-equipped to help onboard your team with new educational provisions while supporting the direct adoption of bespoke technologies.

A quick call or message to our consulting services can make all the difference in your competitive advantage – especially in the digital age of big data management.

At ORSERS, we always promise the minimum and deliver the maximum!

Our Mission

To provide bespoke consulting services that empower business growth by driving the adoption of automated efficiencies and BI tools, creating a more flexible, agile, and proactive system infrastructure.

Our Vision

To be a leading international consultancy in Oracle-related applications, training, and fundamental digital efficiencies that create massive ROI success for our clients.

ORSERS Consulting services
Our Philosophy

Everything about ORSERSConsulting is built on the adaptive needs of our clients. We love a good challenge because it allows our team to find innovative solutions to unique problems. The more we can rapidly deploy these solutions, the greater our word-of-mouth marketing grows among our past, current, and future clientele.

For these reasons, we focus on delivering solutions that automate systems to boost productivity while lowering operational costs. This creates a fundamental competitive advantage for our clients and is the primary reason we have an ever-growing list of return and referral international business.


Our Expertise

Oracle support
Oracle training center

ORSERS Consulting Values

Bespoke Knowledge

The only way to provide custom technology solutions to our clients is by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology centered on Oracle resources that offer massive scalability.


We create brand value in our consultancy by continuing to operate a business respected for its values by our international clients and business partners.


Reliability and transparency are crucial to our client relationships. Every new interaction is an opportunity to provide complete support, innovative solutions, and confidence in our future business relationship.

Pride in Our Work

It may seem old-fashioned, but we genuinely care about the quality of our craft. Being able to offer concierge service to our clients while respecting their unique company culture, infrastructure, and customer needs is what sets us apart from our competitors.

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