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ORSERS Designed, Developed, Implemented, and Drove Adoption of complete Complaints Management Solution for DGB, Senegal powered by Oracle Cloud (Oracle Digital Assistant and APEX)


Starting from August 31st 2021, the Senegalese Ministry of Finance and Budget uses Oracle Digital Assistant for complaints management, via online and mobile channels.

Products: Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle Application Express

Business Challenges

As a State institution for the public service, the Budget Department of Ministry of Finance and Budget, manages citizens complaints in relation to their payroll and social benefits.

The complaints management has always been the most difficult task for the Budget Department (DGB) because of the volume of complaints initiated by citizens and with the punctuality of these complaints which is accentuated mainly at the beginning of each month.

The DGB tried to simplify this process but without success.

Why DGB chose ORSERS?

  • ORSERS provided the DGB with a solution to the complaints management process as part of a whole system for automating their activity from end to end, based on Oracle Cloud Services.

  • Today, citizens can log, create and update. They can follow up on their complaints online without reaching out to DGB in person.

  • Also, agent of DGB can not only manage complaints but also interact with citizens through SAFI (the digital assistant).

ORSERS Solutions Details

ORSERS provided DGB with SAFI; the Digital Assistant is part of a system composed so far by two components:

  1. SAFI; the Digital Assistant : To create, update complaints. It is the interface between the citizens and DGB. Citizens can use SAFI to update their received/in progress complaints and could ask general questions through SAFI / QnA


  1. SENREC; the APEX part of the system: To be used by DGB’s agents to manage / update the complaints and communicate with citizens to request additional information / documents, to update with the complaints status via email and SMS.. Etc


Products list : Oracle Digital Assistant and Oracle Application Express

To know more about ORSERS Solution, subscribe to our YouTube Channel or access directly the DGB’s SAFI BoT Demo is one of our successful implementation to our Connect Framework powered by Oracle Cloud.

Published: March 03, 2022

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