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The Gray Market and its effect on Oracle Education Services

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Nobody likes that feeling of not knowing what they are getting themselves into. That is why it is important to know what you are getting yourself into before signing up for any training center, school, or university. Same for Oracle Education Services, when you make the right decision in choosing an authorized center, there will be no regrets, and you are sure that when you are certified, nobody will come back to haunt you with doubts about accreditation.

The authorized centers, such as ORSERS Consulting, are the only ones that have access to all certified and accredited courses, exams, licenses, etc. The Gray Market for Oracle Education Services appears when different providers do not contract with Oracle to deliver their training and workshops. Non-authorized education providers can still produce their lessons and exams, even if they are not affiliated with any official Oracle Education Centers. Due to this fact, many students are spending their hard-earned money on training(s) from non-authorized Oracle centers without knowing that they will not get the accredited certification(s) needed to compete for their jobs.

The non-authorized center might have a copy of Oracle Materials but CANNOT deliver training with the same quality as an Oracle Education Center and cannot provide accredited certification by Oracle. Oracle owns very powerful technologies, but it is not safe to take it for granted. When you choose an authorized education center, you need to know that there are no gray areas at all. The training provider must have the full rights and power to train, test, and certify their students so nothing will be mistaken or mistreated.

When choosing an unauthorized Oracle education provider that doesn't have a contract with Oracle, you will have no guarantee of receiving any credits from Oracle themselves. Some providers can illegally copy and even sell their exams and certificates as authentic ones to lure people into buying the course and leaving behind their money in this shady practice.

When you choose an authorized Oracle Education Services provider, you have to be sure that they are a certified Oracle Education Center and have access to all the resources needed to perform and deliver their trainings. The authorized Oracle Education Centers are official and certified, so you can be sure that they will treat your training with the respect it deserves from a professional instructor. If you are going to take the training from a non-approved provider, do not think it will turn out like the authorized centers.

You need to be aware that many non-authorized educational providers would love to attract you into buying their courses to get your money. Be on your guard. Ask questions. It is important to avoid taking risks with your career or future because you could end up with a big mistake that cannot go unclaimed. Never choose any training center without verifying their accreditation from Oracle themselves as all the accredited Oracle Education Centers are listed on Oracle Official Website ( ), so you can find out if the training provider has been authorized by Oracle Education Services or not.

The advantage of going through an authorized educational corporation is that it saves you from any unnecessary risks and ensures you with a 100% accredited certification(s) that gives you peace in mind about your investment in your verified education.

The advantages of using a gray market in Oracle education services are that the student pays less for a zero-accredited certification and an access to unauthorized Oracle materials. This is a big disadvantage for any student who wants an Oracle certificate: he/she will never know if this obtained certificate will be recognized worldwide or even locally by his/her current employer or potential employers or not.

Another major disadvantage is that there is no guarantee for the quality of training, like if you enroll at a non-authorized center, how well do they train you? Are they experienced enough to help you with the exam? Are they being certified by Oracle Education Services besides giving you Oracle accredited certification? Make sure and check Oracle Website for the authorized Oracle Education Centers before wasting your money and effort.

To avoid this big mistake in the future, students should always pay attention when choosing an Oracle Education Provider. If the chosen provider’s name doesn't appear in the official list of Oracle authorized Education Centers, it is a serious concern, so avoid the risk and save your investment by choosing a listed authorized Oracle Education Center.

The best thing about it is that there are plenty of options for finding an Oracle-approved Education Services Center, which makes the whole process less difficult than one would expect for this type of service.

Know more about Oracle Certifications and the Oracle-certified Trainings and Learning pathways provided: ORSERS | Education Services that can be delivered remotely or onsite across Middle East and Africa in French, English and/or Arabic.

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