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Success Stories

ORSERS Optimizing and Enhancing Senelec’s Oracle WebCenter Suite to its next level to continue securely hosting, sharing, and managing all of our documents.


On 2018, ORSERS has delivered successfully a complete Oracle WebCenter Suite implementation across Senelec where we have done an impactful success story. Today, after almost 4 years, Senelec decided to choose ORSERS Consulting to enhance this important system that widely affect all Senelec Productivity and Files Management. We are proud to share with you the details of our success story with Senelec who decided to have ORSERS Consulting as their sole support arm for managing and enhancing their Oracle WebCenter Suite.

Products: Oracle WebCenter Content, Oracle WebCenter Content Capture, Desktop Integration Suite, Oracle Weblogic Server, Oracle Database

Business Challenges

Senelec are Senegal’s electricity provider who handle Teras of files every year and it is always a challenge to manage all the documents in place. Being up to date with the technology with almost zero downtime is always a challenge where Senelec always seeking Oracle WebCenter technical expertise to manage.

ORSERS Solutions Details

ORSERS as trusted-advisor and main implementor to Senelec’s Oracle WebCenter has supported Senelec informally across the last 4 years. Now Senelec decided to have ORSERS Consulting as their support organization for their Oracle WebCenter’s Management, Optimization, and Enhancements.

ORSERS Consulting is currently providing Senelec with the following services to guarantee a perfect secure and efficient Document Management across Senelec:

  1. 24/7 Support to Senelec’s Oracle WebCentre Environment.

  2. Support Senelec’s Oracle WebCenter’s End-users for any related inquiry.

  3. Keep Senelec’s Oracle WebCenter up-to-date will all the necessary modernization and automation business requirements.


To know more about ORSERS Consulting,  you can access our website  or access directly Customer Success Page. Also, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Published: December 03, 2020

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